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The Village by CA is a unique ecosystem where startups and large groups cooperate to innovate together. Present throughout France and abroad, this network contributes to the economic development and support of young innovative projects.






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Welcome to Village by CA

Our goal is to participate in the creation of wealth in our regions. We firmly believe that tomorrow’s champions of industry and drivers of economy are created by the synergy of start-ups and of local contributors to innovation.

Our mission is to create a space where exchanges and common actions are encouraged, and where Village partners can cooperate in order to innovate, in a decentralized manner across the more than 30 Villages to be opened by 2020.

Our objective is to provide new start-ups with the same opportunities for success, no matter which Village they are from. We also aim to promote and support entrepreneurship beyond our own borders, in order for projects anchored in our regions to resonate across the country and around the world.

Our purpose is to imbue the present and future generations with an appetite for enterprise so that the projects hosted by our Villages evolve into emblematic businesses contributing to France’s economic success.

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What we offer to start-up

The Village by CA offers numerous benefits, including a personalized support plan with dedicated links to the Village’s partners, a network of experts to help carry through your projects, conferences and training sessions to develop your skills, events for sharing and exchanging around innovation, and finally communication and visibility linked to this ecosystem.

This offer also includes a complete hosting solution at the very heart of local initiatives, comprising offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms and reception rooms, all with modern design and high-speed connectivity. Some Villages may offer plans that do not include hosting.

Finally, joining the Villages network also implies benefiting from international support with personalized assistance concerning implementation and country-specific knowledge, business contacts through investment banking intermediaries, and (on a case-by-case basis and according to availabilities) the possibility of benefiting from occasional hosting in certain locations.

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Our network of partners

The Village by CA supports projects with strong potential from every region. Benefiting from an environment of cutting-edge technology and regional know-how, each Village by CA start-up matures in an innovative ecosystem rich with myriad private and public partners. The Village by CA is a unique opportunity for partners to become more intimate with those that are building the economy of the future - the creators of innovative businesses.

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Portés par les Caisses régionales de Crédit Agricole, les Villages dynamisent l’économie des territoires par leur soutien local à l’innovation. Reliés entre eux, ils multiplient les opportunités de business pour toutes les parties prenantes.

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