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The French agriculture is one of more successful in the European and world plan. This success, she owes her to the numerous works realized regarding basic research and regarding applied research. This success leans for the French applied research on the agricultural technical Institutes federated within the ACTA. For the ACTA, the division is a federative value. Real house of the ITA, the ACTA favorites the moments of division of the knowledges and the exchanges allowing to build sustainable and fruitful links between ITA. Head of network, the ACTA anchors its action in the transparency by sharing the day before, the prospective, the best practice with every ITA. THE ACTA is in the service of all the agricultures leaning on their wealth and their specificities. She also works to diversify partnerships, and to open on the world of the education, the press, the economy. The diversity, the opening of his team are a source of creativity.   To listen to, to realize the international forward-looking day before, to share the innovations, allows the ACTA to rest the ITA and the actors of the vegetable and animal sectors in their search for performance and for competitiveness. To keep, in a difficult economic environment, the enthusiasm of our teams is the cement which will allow us to meet the challenges of the century.  

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Amundi est le premier asset manager européen en termes d’actifs sous gestion. Le Groupe g

Bearing Point

The consultants of BearingPoint know that the economic environment changes permanently and that the complexity which results from it requires audacious and agile solutions. Our customers of the public sector as private obtain concrete results when they work with us. We conjugate sectorial and operational skills with our technological expertise and our solutions owners to adapt our services to the specific stakes in every customer.This custom-made approach is at the heart of our culture and has us building permit of relationships of trust with the biggest public and private organizations. Our global network of 9700 collaborators accompanies our customers in more than 70 countries and makes a commitment by their side for measurable results(profits) and long-lasting(sustainable) success. For more information, meeting(appointment) on http: // www.bearingpoint.com / fr-fr Find us on Twitter: @BearingPoint_FR and LinkedIn


Nous aimons repenser les limites entre médias, culture, communication et commerce pour ren


Acteur majeur du crédit à la consommation, Crédit ...


ENGIE inscrit la croissance responsable au coeur de ses métiers : électricité, gaz naturel, services à l’énergie.

Groupe Avril

Créé à l'initiative du monde agricole, le Groupe Avril se développe depuis plus de 30 ans
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Groupe PSA

Le Groupe PSA conçoit des expériences automobiles uniques et apporte des solutions de mobilité, en offrant à chacun liberté et plaisir à travers le monde.


Help our customers to Innovate IBM settled a single mission: help his(her) customers to innovate and to keep(guard) a step ahead on their competitors. Today, it is a question of assuring(insuring) their digital transformation(processing): marketing, Finance, RH, Customer services .. all the functions(offices) of companies have to adapt themselves to the breaker(flood) of BigData, Analytics, the Social and the Motive(Mobile). Join us around our technological base to bring the innovation to our corporate customers. Innovate to the highly-rated of IBM The cloud of IBM multiplies tenfold your capacities to spread(display) your innovations at your customers. Loans to put your ideas to the test and to innovate? IBM makes a commitment with those who dare. Global IBM Entrepreneur puts at the disposal of the start-ups of numerous resources: free software, the advice(councils) of technical experts, mentors' support, and more still. Better: lungs let us propose $1000 / month of credit of use Cloud to help you to start the first year ( 1 ) And upon the recommendation of the Village, this credit can be carried(worn) in $10.000 / month!!!!


Microsoft Corporation est une multinationale informatique et micro-informatique américaine, fondée en 1975 par Bill Gates et Paul Allen.


Microsoft Corporation est une multinationale informatique et micro-informatique américaine, fondée en 1975 par Bill Gates et Paul Allen.


Niji est une société entièrement dédiée à la transformation numérique des entreprises.


Orange se positionne comme un grand groupe partenaire privilégié au service des startups.


Sanofi est une entreprise mondiale des sciences de la vie engagée dans l’amélioration de l
Philips Ligthing partenaire du Village by CA Morbihan


Signify, N° 1 de l’éclairage et des systèmes et services en France et dans le monde, conçoit, développe et fabrique des produits et des systèmes innovants destinés à améliorer le confort et les conditions de vie des personnes. S’appuyant sur son leadership, son expertise, et sa maîtrise technologique et digitale, Signify ouvre désormais la voie à de nouvelles perspectives dans l’éclairage avec des solutions globales, intelligentes et connectées, développées pour et avec les clients et utilisateurs.

Indosuez Wealth Management

Nous accompagnons les dirigeants à toutes les étapes clés qui jalonnent le développement de leur entreprise ou de leur startup : structuration patrimoniale, sollicitation d'experts, mise en relation avec un réseau d'investisseurs qualifiés et de partenaires, en France comme à l'international.


The French agriculture is one of more successful i...


L’Alliance pour l'innovation ouverte s’adresse à tous : aux entreprises - start-up, grande


CAMCA est un groupe d’assurance au service du Groupe Crédit Agricole et de ses clients, ac


Logiciel de veille, e-réputation et social média monitoring Un logiciel intelligent pour é


Icam, des écoles d’ingénieurs en France et à l’international Créé en 1898 à Lille, l’Insti

La French Tech

La French Tech est un label français attribué à des pôles métropolitains reconnus pour leu


Filiale du Groupe Crédit Agricole, nous proposons des solutions de financement complémenta


SAOOTI, it is the radio innovation: we create custom-made and innovative webradios for our corporate customers and media. Our technology? Wikiradio ©: a solution in Cloud Computing, exploitable on-line with simple Web browsers, or on mobile iPhone apps and Android. We also accompany our customers with the training(formation), the advice(council) and the custom-made journalistic production. For the Village by THAT, we are going to produce with all the partners of the Village the radio Think Talk, the radio of the innovation in your smartphones to listen to and participate!