Groupe Roullier (Ambassadeur)

With nearly 60 years of experience in Plant Nutrition, Animal Nutrition and the Food Industry, the Groupe Roullier can rely on its industrial and technical excellence, its unique sales model and its policy of sustained innovation to respond to the agricultural challenges of tomorrow. The business activities are organised into 5 sectors, which are agricultural supplies, phosphates, magnesia, the food industry and industry products and solutions. Groupe Roullier has always placed sustainable agriculture and rational fertilisation at the heart of its development strategy. The company’s commitment in this area has been strengthened through the opening of the Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier in 2016, where teams and researchers develop the products of tomorrow. Key figures: • 2,6 Billion in combined revenue (2016) • 8000 employees, 69% overseas • 89 production units • Products sold in 102 countries • 3000 sales agents • 8000m² is the surface of our R & D center • 1200 m2 of greenhouses



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Digitaleo (Partenaire)

Digitaleo, la plateforme de communication et de fidélisation client qui fait venir et revenir les clients en points de vente.

Valorial (Partenaire)

Pôle de compétitivité agroalimentaire à vocation nationale, lancé en Bretagne en 2006 et déployé aujourd’hui sur les régions voisines des Pays de la Loire et de la Normandie, Valorial a pour mission d’identifier, de monter et d’accompagner des projets de R&D collaboratifs et innovants.